Applicable network

What is Applicable Network?
Applicable network is a type of intelligent network that is able to monitor software applications used on the network for better functionality and more efficient use. Elements of application-oriented networking can include the observation of the usage status of a software deployment as well as the monitoring of its memory or resource requirements.

Application-oriented networking is based on a network architecture designed by the International Telecommunications Union. An intelligent network has specific advanced functions that provide extensive functionality. As with other aspects of intelligent networking, the application-oriented network relies on a solution that uses different levels (layers) to control network traffic. The principle behind application-conscious networks is called Software Defined Networking (SDN). The idea is that modern networks contain three different levels:

- The data tier, which contains information about the traffic.
- The control level
- The management plane

While in some cases the administrative plane and the control plane are viewed as two parts of the same thing, a software-defined network plan treats them very differently by connecting the administrative plane to network hardware, but making the control plane software-driven layer. Moving the control plane from a network hardware connection to a software connection can help planners work more with software programs, including promoting application-specific networks and building metal-level solutions for traffic.

When describing new application aware networks, the traditional architecture of old networks is sometimes referred to as a somewhat closed process. Application-aware networks involve a more transparent process that provides more information about how software applications work on a network. Some also believe that the advent of cloud-hosted systems and other new technological advances will fuel the creation of more application-conscious networks that will do more to help understand the role of software processes as well as other dynamics like specific user information.

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