Apache Storm

What is Apache Storm
Apache Storm is an open source Apache tool that is used to process unbound data streams. By providing real-time data processing solutions, Storm provides a topology to control data transfer. This is an important part of the routing data where it is needed for analysis and other operations. It coordinates with other types of Apache tools such as database or resource scale.

In Apache Storm, the system includes so-called 'grommets' and 'screws' that control stacks of data and define the sources of the manipulated data. The special typology of Apache Storm is called the 'directed acyclic graph' from which these grommets and bolts emerge. Elements called 'streams' control the transfer of data across the topology. This relatively new system, in some ways, mirrors the functionality of the traditional MapReduce resource that was used with Hadoop prior to the 2013 incubation of Storm. As Hadoop has become a hugely popular 'big data ecosystem', tools are evolving, in some cases, being replaced to improve functionality in the industry.

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