Apache Spark

What is Apache Spark
Apache Spark ist ein Open-Source-Programm zur Datenanalyse. Es ist Teil einer Reihe von Tools, einschließlich Apache Hadoop und anderer Open-Source-Ressourcen für die heutige Analytics-Community.

Experts describe this relatively new open source software as a data analysis cluster computing tool. It can be used with the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), which is a specific Hadoop component that enables complicated file processing.

Some IT pros describe using Apache Spark as a possible replacement for the Apache Hadoop MapReduce component. MapReduce is also a cluster tool that allows developers to process large amounts of data. Those who understand Apache Spark's design point out that in some situations it can be many times faster than MapReduce.

Those who report on modern usage of Apache Spark show that organizations are using it in several ways. A common use is to aggregate data and structure it in more sophisticated ways. Apache Spark can also be useful in analytical machine learning work or data classification.

Typically, organizations are faced with the challenge of refining data in an efficient and easily automated manner, and Apache Spark can be used for these types of tasks. Some also point out that using Spark can help give access to those who are less familiar with programming and want to dig into the analytics treatment.

Apache Spark includes APIs for Python and related software languages.

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