Apache Solr

What is Apache Solr
Apache Solr is an open source enterprise search platform that is part of the Apache Lucene project.

Es ist für die schnelle Suche von Daten in HDFS in Apache Hadoop konzipiert. Solr bietet Indizierung, Replikation und Load-Balanced-Abfragen, ein zentralisiertes Konfigurationsschema, automatisiertes Failover und Recovery und ist hoch skalierbar, zuverlässig und hoch fehlertolerant.

Many of the largest websites on the internet use Apache Solr for their search and navigation functions.

Apache Solr was developed with Java and runs as a standalone full-text search server that is contained in a servlet like Jetty. As part of the Lucene project, Solr uses the Lucene Java Search Library as the core for searching and indexing.

It also has REST-like JSON and XML / HTTP APIs that make it easy to use in any programming language.

Solr's external configuration makes it easy to tailor to any type of application without Java programming. It even has an extensive plug-in architecture if the application requires advanced customization.

Solr features:

- Extended full text search functions
- Extensive plugin architecture
- Almost real-time indexing
- Optimized high volume web traffic
- Comprehensive administration interfaces for HTML
- Uses standard interfaces such as XML, HTTP and JSON
- Server statistics revealed JMX to enable monitoring
– Linear skalierbar, automatisches Failover und Wiederherstellung sowie automatische Indexreplikation

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