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What is Apache Slider?
Apache Slider is a code base for the Hadoop Data Analytics Toolset or 'Suite' licensed by the Apache Software Foundation. The aim of this project is to help users apply Hadoop and the YARN resource management tool to different goals and objectives.

Experts state that Apache Slider will help extend the reach of Hadoop and YARN by keeping certain types of databases running unchanged in the YARN resource management environment.

YARN is an existing Hadoop resource that focuses on resource management and complements other tools such as MapReduce and the Hadoop HDFS file processing system. Apache Slider will make more different types of programs compatible with YARN and expand the case uses that are possible.

Instead of changing the existing applications, experts say, Apache Slider will enable a much broader and broader application of database and data analysis platforms for Hadoop's core software resources. Apache Slider can also improve the efficiency of storage and processing resources for an entire project.

Another way to explain the use of Apache Slider and how it was developed is that it can help YARN become the central software or 'operating system' for a data warehouse or other data center. For example, tools like Apache HBase and Hive are often used in corporate environments. Compatibility with Hadoop YARN can affect business process efficiency.

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