Apache Oozie

What is Apache Oozie?
Apache Oozie is a Java web application used with Apache Hadoop systems. In these big data systems, Apache Oozie is a kind of job handling tool that works in the general Hadoop environment with other individual tools such as YARN as well as MapReduce and Pig.

Essentially, Apache Oozie bundles individual tasks into logical work units. It enables more differentiated planning and order processing. One aspect of Apache Oozie is that engineers can put together complex data processes that make it easier to manage Hadoop workflows.

The individual Apache Oozie tools include Oozie Workflow and Oozie Coordinator. With Oozie Workflow you can look at bundles of tasks one at a time. Oozie Coordinator will help with the planning.

Like other Apache products, Apache Oozie is offered under an Apache Foundation software license and is part of the Hadoop toolset, which provides community support as a type of open source software system rather than a proprietary, vendor-licensed system. Because Hadoop is very popular for analytics and other types of corporate computing, tools like Oozie are also often viewed in corporate IT as solutions for computing projects.

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