What is anycast?
Anycast is a process of routing network traffic in which the sender delivers packets to a destination that is closest in terms of network topology.

One of the main characteristics of anycasting is that the network strategy can allow messages to be sent to a group of recipients who all have the same destination address.

The anycast method is an addressing and routing method that is in contrast to others like unicasting. Unicast uses a 1: 1 connection between a server and a destination address. Other methods such as multicast and broadcast send signals from one point to multiple points.

Anycasting unterliegt dem Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) und wird sowohl in IPv4 als auch in IPv6 verwendet, wobei Tools für den Übergang vorhanden sind. Es hat seine eigenen Sicherheitsfragen, die Analysten betrachten, wenn sie entscheiden, wie sie den Netzwerkverkehr routen.

Some experts claim that anycast mirroring DNS services is a way to survive various types of cyberattacks in which hackers attempt to gain access to platforms by hijacking network traffic. Some also point out that Anycast will automatically failover, which promotes fault tolerance and contingency management.

Experts also talk about load balancing logic in anycast systems, which can also improve network capacity or performance.

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