Anti-phishing service

What is anti-phishing service?
An anti-phishing service is a technological service that prevents unauthorized access to secure and / or confidential information. Anti-phishing services protect different types of data on different platforms.

An anti-phishing service targets a specific type of attempt to obtain personal or other confidential information. While anti-phishing services provide tools to help users identify web phishing, many anti-phishing service features are responses to efforts to hack a system and steal data. Some anti-phishing tools are available through browsers, through which many phishing attempts occur.

Some anti-phishing services include sophisticated planning designed to help customers avoid data theft. For example, reacting quickly to unauthorized access is key to a successful Phishing Incident Response Plan. Anti-phishing services or tools often have specific components that can be used to analyze how data is stolen, how data can be recovered, or how the ranks are closed and a system is protected from additional hacker attacks.

Experts predict the emergence of sophisticated phishing, and new anti-phishing services often address them directly with more innovative functions and components.

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