What is Annoyware?
Annoyware is a pop-up window that prompts the user to take an action, such as: B. Registering on a specific website or purchasing a computer application. Other actions can also be initiated. Often times, users will find that the software works in conjunction with shareware downloadable testing programs. Electronic advertisers use annoying devices to attract customers, but malicious devices can also launch computer viruses if unsuspecting users take the requested action.

Annoyware wird auch als Nagware oder Floating-Werbung bezeichnet.

The term 'annoyware' is true to its name: it's annoying adware that users aren't looking for. For electronic advertisers, however, if their annoying merchandise is even getting a 1 percent return, it can still be worthwhile marketing because annoying merchandise advertising is so cheap.

If you don't like the software, you can install antivirus programs. This not only protects users against annoying devices, but also against harmful Trojans and viruses that can be associated with annoying downloads. However, another way to avoid nuisance is to educate internet users. Naive users are most likely to face the harmful effects of Nemware, and advertisers know it.

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