Alternative SQL query

What is Alternative SQL Query?
Alternative SQL queries are a family of query languages that developers can use to query SQL databases using languages other than standard SQL. They are usually implemented for specific languages such as Scala, Scheme, Ruby, and Haskell. The goal is for developers to create queries in languages they are more comfortable with.

Alternative SQL query languages serve as the front end for the query languages of the common SQL servers such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. They are designed so that users of other programming languages can easily communicate with relational database servers.

Some of these alternative SQL query languages include:

- SchemeQL, CLSQL, ScalaQL and ScalaQuery for the Scheme and Scala dialects of Lisp

- SQLStatement and ActiveRecord for Ruby

- HaskellDB for Haskell

Other alternative query languages include HTSQL, Muldis D, and MDX. All of these languages are intended to address weaknesses in the standard SQL language.

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