Alpha geek

What is Alpha Geek?
Alpha-Geek is a slang term for the most tech-savvy people in a group. Once identified, an Alpha Geek becomes the go-to resource for all issues, issues, and advice when it comes to technology.

A particularly tech-savvy alpha geek can be called a geek geek or the head geek. Essentially, this is the person tech geeks go to when they have a problem.
While it's a winking way of describing someone with more tech expertise than anyone else, Alpha Geeks serve several important roles. First, they are usually groups within their groups, which means that the technologies they adopt and support are likely to spread through their networks.

Two, alpha geeks in an office or store that isn't traditionally technology based can help find solutions that are right for that particular business. The Alpha Geek vote can make a huge difference to companies selling technology to the public or to business.

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