AIDA model

Also known as: AIDA formula, AIDA rule, AIDA scheme

The AIDA model is used within a company's marketing mix and was developed by Elmo Lewis in 1898. It is still used today and is used to present and sell products. Advertising posters, commercials and sales talks are written according to the AIDA principle.
A. - Attention - attract attention
I. - Interest - arousing interest
D. - Desire - the desire to own something
A. - Action - go into action, buy the goods

Use of AIDA

The AIDA model is a four-tier model.

  • The first level A is intended to attract the customer's attention to a product. This can be, for example, a picture, a text or a sales pitch
  • The second stage I should arouse interest with a rousing text. Often this happens in connection with a picture
  • The third level, D, should create the desire to buy the product. It must show an advantage for the customer, address him personally
  • If the fourth level A is reached, the customer has decided to buy and carries out this

AIDA model still in use?

Critics claim the AIDA model is hardly used nowadays, but nowadays there are even modified versions and extensions. An extension of the AIDA principle is so-called push marketing, which means higher sales pressure.

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