Agile retrospective

What is agile retrospective?
An agile retrospective is a type of planning session that is typically conducted after a phase of an agile software development process or after an event such as a software release. In these planning sessions, those who have participated in agile development processes carefully evaluate those processes to reflect on which methods may have worked better than others and how the design and process can be continuously improved.
Since agile retrospectives look at the collaboration between different developers or IT experts, many of these meetings are very team-oriented. It is generally important to involve all the right people. A meeting that doesn't include a person who was responsible for a large number of code modules or who contributed a lot to the overall design cannot really achieve its goal without that person's input.

The agile development experts recommend not only bringing the right people together, but also a specific focus for an agile retrospective. This means that certain data is collected and presented to the teams, while declaring some issues that are not related to a particular out-of-bounds process.

This helps ensure that the agile retrospective stays on track and addresses the issues of a particular project. Team members will bring this data to the table and think about how it can be implemented in the future.

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