Agency remuneration

The agency remuneration is the remuneration of an advertising agency for the services to the client. Mainly the following types of agency remuneration are common:

1. Commission system: The advertising agency receives an intermediary commission of approx. 15% from the net advertising volume.

2. Service fee-System: The advertising agency passes on all discounts and commissions from the media (advertising media) to the client. The agency receives a service fee for its services, which is often 17.65% of net sales.

3. Flat rate remuneration: This is agreed for a year or a campaign.

4. Remuneration for individual services: The agencies offer various services at certain prices in a price list.

5. Success fee: In addition to an agreed other remuneration, successes such as sales growth, market share, awareness increases, etc. can also be rewarded.

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