After-sales support

What is after-sales support?
After-sales support is a service that is offered after goods or services have been sold. Most after-sales services include a warranty, guarantee, upgrade, or repair service. Some of the after-sales services for customers include an ongoing relationship with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) throughout the life cycle of the product or service, while other warranties are temporary.

After-sales support includes a wide range of customer services. It is designed to assist a customer in the correct use of a product, which can generate repeat customers, develop brand loyalty among customers, and ensure customer satisfaction.

The customer service terms for a consumer may include training in the use of the product, updates to software, planned maintenance or provision of materials or parts, repair and maintenance, money-back guarantees, or guarantees of replacement in the event of defects .

The different types of customer service can include:

Technical Support / Helpdesk: Assistance with technology products such as personal computers, software products, cell phones, televisions, and most electrical or mechanical products

Customer Support: Includes services that help customers with the product

Automated customer service: Provides support 24 hours a day and is available online

Support automation: includes online knowledge bases such as forums in which questions are asked, proactive support such as 24/7 monitoring for alarm systems and preventive support that generates solutions through questions, log files or configuration changes.
After-sales support includes customer support and customer service standardized by the International Customer Service Institute.

Today, after-sales service is still an important tool for consumers and manufacturers. A customer expects cost effective and reliable customer service. Manufacturers also rely on customer satisfaction to keep business and sales going. Without good customer service, a product can be difficult to sell.

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