Affiliate reporting service

What is Affiliate Reporting Service?
An affiliate reporting service is a service for online merchants who want to analyze the affiliate data coming from their websites. This type of reporting service does everything from analyzing various dashboard interfaces to doing suggested keyword searches. The bottom line is profit acceleration. Affiliate reporting services are used by executives and owners to analyze e-commerce data and convert it into profit margin data.

Affiliate Reporting Services are e-commerce providers or in-house data analysts who support companies in their day-to-day administration. This includes data storage for all affiliates, revenue per click, data archive management, return on investment data, keyword conversions, conversions for advertising campaigns and conversions for search engines. A worthy affiliate reporting provider will be able to reveal an online company's top 5 winning keywords and top 5 losing keywords. The provider will also provide partner information such as loss and profit reports and search engine spend.

The report types provided by a partner reporting service can also include actionable reports, such as: E.g. when keywords have been paused, bid changes, ad groups or campaign data. Website summary reports are provided that include data collected from affiliate websites and networks. Charts and graphs are typically presented to selected employees and the data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for ease of report viewing. Audit trails, data tracking, and compatible third-party systems and tools are all part of a worthy affiliate reporting service.

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