Advertising print

The extent to which the target groups are confronted with advertising material is referred to as advertising pressure. The advertising pressure is measured either by determining the switching volume of the advertising measures. the underlying financial advertising expenses and the media values achieved with them or through surveys of the advertising target group itself.

Das Schaltvolumen eines Unternehmens oder einer Marke wird durch den Share of advertising und den Share of Voice gemessen. Die beiden Größen messen die eigenen Mediaausgaben bzw. Kontakte in Relation zur gesamten Produktkategorie. Ermittelt werden diese Daten von Nielsen Media Research und Thomson Media Control.

The intensity of the advertising can be measured in the classic media values of reach, total number of contacts (contact metrics) and contact frequency. These are very closely related to the advertising budget. In order to achieve the psychological and thus the economic advertising goals, a minimum of advertising intensity and advertising time is necessary.

The target group is surveyed as part of advertising tracking. During and after an advertising campaign, the unsupported and supported awareness of individual advertised brands or products is recorded.

ACNielsen analyzes the effect of TV advertising on the individual purchase decision by recording the individual TV viewing habits of 4,500 households in the HomescanTM Consumer Panel with the simultaneous recording of the purchasing data of these households. The effects of the simulation of the advertising print can also be analyzed.

The media efficiency can be shown via the additional sales through advertising, the factor of the purchase share increase, the duration of the effect, the shopping files in the product group accompanied by the spot, the significance test and the optimum contact. With this response model, cross-effects on the competitor, spill-over effects, wear-out effects, effects on specific target groups, advertising effects according to channels / timelines as well as effects on the separation of the motif and spot length can be displayed. In addition to TV, the advertising impact of radio and popular magazines can also be analyzed.

The advertising pressure according to trade channels through special offers in daily newspapers and flyers can also be determined. ACNielsen's Prisma evaluates 330 daily newspapers and approx. 300 flyers from the top SO distribution channels in the food retail sector.

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