Advertising planning, advertising material and advertising media

Advertising planning

Advertising planning is the planned design of all measures that have to do with advertising. Advertising shouldn't happen randomly, but should be planned in several steps. The starting point is always an analysis of the advertising environment.
Analysis of the advertising environment:

  • Is advertising in our industry at all?
  • To what extent do our competitors advertise?
  • Are there significant differences in the advertising activities of the competitors?
  • Which advertising media / advertising media are used?
  • What have we done ourselves so far and with what success?
  • What resources are available to us?
  • Advertising media are the media in which the individual advertising media can be accommodated in order to reach potential customers.

Advertising Materials

Advertising media are all media formats that contain an advertising message. This includes:

  • Advertisements in print media
  • Catalogs, flyers and brochures
  • TV and radio commercials
  • Banners and Pop-Ups on the Internet
  • Posters, illuminated advertising and advertising boards in public spaces, for example on advertising pillars, means of transport, bus stops or stadium boards
  • special forms such as jersey advertising or promotional gifts

Not every advertising medium is suitable for every channel or every advertising medium.
In addition, the advertising material is always based on the advertised product or service
to vote.

Advertising medium

The choice of advertising media and the selection of the appropriate advertising media depend on
so close together. Classic advertising media are:

  • Television, radio, newspapers, magazines
  • Letters, printed matter and direct mail, telephone calls, sending of samples
  • Areas in public space, such as billboards or monitors in subway stops

Not every advertising medium is equally suitable for every message.

These options include:

  • Perimeter advertising in the football stadium will certainly not reach the senior citizen for the one
    Anti aging gel is offered.
  • Radio or TV advertising is only for (except for pure local or city channels)
    Nationally selling companies make sense.
  • A medium-sized company in the capital goods industry will not
    advertise sensibly in a regional advertising paper.
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