Advertising impact research

Advertising impact research - The methods of advertising impact research established on the market differ according to the target dimension (what is measured?) And research design (how is measured?). Basically, two approaches can be distinguished from one another:

1. Measurement of target achievement (economic and non-economic targets)

2. Procedure before or after the advertising use (pre-test and post-test).

When measuring economic goals, it is about parameters such as sales, turnover or share of purchases. The interpretation of these metrics with regard to the advertising effect is very difficult, since the effectiveness of an advertising measure can only rarely be traced back to a single factor. For example, the market share achieved depends on a number of factors such as degree of distribution, price measures or competitive reactions. These influencing variables are checked in the ACNielsen advertising impact analyzes, which are based on multivariate regression analyzes, so that the advertising impact (TV, radio, print) can be measured on the additional turnover.

Goals like brand awareness. Advertising reminders and campaign sympathy are determined through surveys, and conclusions can be drawn about the effectiveness of the media used. the advertising print, the advertising design, etc. drawn.

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