Advertising expenditure measurement

Advertising expenditure measurement - recording the volume and gross costs of the advertising used in three dimensions:

Market dimension: What is being advertised?
Media dimension: Which advertising medium is advertised on?
Time dimension: When is it advertised?

The recording method is based on continuous observation of the advertising media or reports from the advertising media or advertising media marketers. Both methods can be used in parallel.

Depending on the coverage achieved, absolute values or values weighted with corresponding extrapolation factors are shown.

The recording takes place on the basis of a market and advertising medium system, z. B. each advertised object (product or service) is assigned to a relevant segment of the market system. The same applies to advertising media - they are assigned to a relevant segment of the advertising media.

Normally, the advertising expenditure is recorded at least at the level of the distribution plan, e.g. B. which product was advertised in which advertising medium and at what cost. The advertising data is often archived at the advertising material level.

In addition, the following attributes can also be recorded:

  • Form of advertising, e.g. B. Split screen, sample
  • Creation form, e.g. B. Testimonial
  • Placements
  • Circuit form, e.g. B. Combi, partial occupancy
  • Information on advertisers, e.g. B. Nationality
  • Information on advertising media, e.g. legal status, group affiliation
  • Advertising material creation data: print ads, TV, cinema and radio spots

The aim of advertising expenditure measurement is a standardized observation of the development trend in advertising investments across the entire market and in detail according to individual economic sectors or media types.

The Nielsen advertising statistics include over 1,000 advertising media. With the exception of posters and the Internet, data is recorded in great detail at the advertising media level. In the case of TV, radio, newspapers and popular magazines, the advertising expenditure data can be linked directly to the spots or advertisements placed.

This means that not only distribution plans for the advertising campaigns (costs, number, occupied advertising media), but also the creations used can be analyzed on this basis.

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