Ad hoc panel (mail panel)

Ad hoc panel (mail panel) - A fixed group of people agrees to take part in ad hoc surveys and / or product tests. In a database (English: access, one also speaks in this context of access panel), information on socio-demographics, ownership, usage habits for a large number of product groups, settings on selected topics, typologies, etc. collected in order to enable a direct sample and target group selection for a wide variety of ad hoc research projects, if required.

Der Übergang zum Tracking ist hier fließend. Aus dem Access-Panel werden auch für Tracking studies die notwenigen Stichproben gezogen. Streng genommen sind aber die meisten Ad-hoc-Panels keine reinen Panels, da die Stichprobe bei der nächsten Erhebung oft neu zusammengesetzt wird. Siehe dazu auch Abgrenzung zum Tracking (Panel).

The ad hoc panel has another special feature. The subject of the investigation can also change: once the person providing the information reports on their next holiday destination and the other time they test a new shower bath. In this respect, this method is not a pure panel in the classic sense. For the sake of completeness, this type of panel is included here. What are the advantages of a product test and survey panel?

Fast target group acquisition for the customer

High motivation and willingness to test among the participants

High response rate (approx. 85%)

Testing in a familiar (home) atmosphere

Tests over a long period of time

Without interviewer influence and time pressure.

As a rule, this type of market research is time-saving and inexpensive. As part of this method, multi-topic surveys and omnibus surveys are then also carried out.

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