What is ad-aware?
Ad-Aware ist ein Anti-Virus- und Anti-Spyware-Programm, das hilft, die komplexesten Formen von Computer-Malware, Spyware und Adware zu bekämpfen. Das Anti-Spyware-Programm wurde 1999 von Lavasoft entwickelt und ist unter proprietärer Software lizenziert.

Ad-aware software can be downloaded for free from the official Lavasoft Ad-Aware website or from a reputable website that provides free software downloads.

The Ad-Aware program aims to detect, remove and block computer viruses, spyware, Trojans, bots, rootkits, data miners, aggressive advertisements, parasites, browser hijackers, password thieves, keyloggers and much more.

This software was originally created to highlight the web beacons in the Internet Explorer web browser. On some websites, users would notice a small pixel square next to each web beacon, warning them that their IP addresses and other non-essential data are being monitored by this website. Over time, Ad-Aware added a new feature to the software to completely block these beacons or ads. This function does not alert the user to the indications on the screen. Instead, it combats spyware, malware, adware, and other viruses.

Ad-Aware uses real-time detection technology to offer its internet security service. The software has less impact on system resources than other anti-virus systems and allows users to browse the Internet with peace of mind.

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