Actionable Insight (data analysis)

What is Actionable Insight?
Actionable Insight is a term used in data analysis and big data to refer to information that can be acted upon or information that provides enough insight into the future that the actions that should be taken become clear to decision-makers. It is often the result of extensive data analysis and other data processing. In short, it is an analytical result that provides managers and organizations with enough data to make an informed decision.

Actionable insights are the result of data-driven analysis in the business world. Large amounts of data are analyzed to identify patterns such as spending habits, market swings and declines, and other market and financial patterns that could help an analyst formulate a business plan. Data analytics is used to answer 'why' questions by collecting large amounts of data and then running that through analysis software and data visualization tools. These tools, in turn, provide insight into the patterns inherent in the market. As soon as there is enough insight that a correct course of action can be made out of it, this result is regarded as an actionable insight.

This is often used in big data and marketing. Comprehensive analysis tools with extensive visualization options and intelligent analysis functions are increasingly available via the cloud, so that even small companies can compete in a tense business environment. These tools make it easier to gain understandable insights that help management make the right decisions.

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