Acrylic (microsoft)

What is Acrylic (Microsoft)?
Acryl ist der Code name für Microsofts Expression Design-Produkt, ein professionelles Design-Tool, mit dem anspruchsvolle Vektorgrafiken für Webanwendungen erstellt werden können. Acryl ist Teil der Microsoft Expression Studio-Suite und eine erweiterte Version von Expression, der Vektorgrafik-Software von Creature House, einem Unternehmen, das Microsoft 2003 erworben hat. Acrylic entwickelte sich ursprünglich aus der ursprünglichen Version mit verfeinerten Pinselfunktionen und neuen Vektorverlegefähigkeiten . Es kann in Windows XP, Windows Vista und Windows 7 verwendet werden. Acryl ist auch bekannt als Microsoft Expression Design, ein Produkt, das 2007 eingestellt wurde.

Acryl is a grid-based drawing program with the ability to edit vectors. It combines both the richness of pixel-based painting and the flexibility of editable vector graphics with a flexible workflow for designers and developers. It is based on Skeletal Stroke technology that uses a bitmap or vector image or animation as a stroke. When these strokes are overlaid on paths, they change the stroke image when the path is changed. Acryl is a vector graphic editor for working in interactive media, print, web, and video design. It is an illustration, painting, and graphics tool mainly used by creative graphic illustrators, creative designers, and Flash developers.

The main goal behind Acrylic is to create a common code base for developers and interface designers working on Windows applications. It acts as a professional tool by providing a rich format for the information created by the interface designer that can then be communicated to the developer. The fidelity and live effects of the interface designer's design are maintained throughout the workflow between designer and developer. Although advertised as 'a one-of-a-kind graphics program for fine artists', acrylic has similar features to Adobe Photoshop.

Unlike Adobe Photoshop, which is a bitmap editor program, Acrylic is a pure vector art program. While Adobe focuses on print, web, video, and interactive graphics, Acrylics focuses on platforms, applications, and content. The main disadvantages of acrylic include poor export quality and JPEG compression. With his painting and graphic design skills and providing an integrated workflow.

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