Acronym Extension

What is acronym extension?
The acronym extension refers to a feature in some content management systems that provides automatic expansion of the first letters of words in phrases in electronic searches through web-based search engines. For example, when a user enters an acronym or abbreviation, the content management system will spell the phrase or present you with a list of matching phrases for the user to choose from. The acronym extension is used in data queries and provides suggestions about what was entered in the search function box.

The acronym extension enables those browsing the web to receive various electronically automated decisions related to the first few words entered. This is beneficial for those with poor writing or writing skills. For example, the acronym for Digital Rights Management is DRM. When a user types 'DRM' into a search engine such as Google, appropriate phrases are provided for that acronym so that the user can choose the correct one. Some websites use acronym extension when they register their domain with major search engines by linking their website acronym extension so that it is a kind of imitation of authentic websites.

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