Accident insurance - carriers, contributions and benefits

Der gesetzliche Unfallschutz gilt für Unfälle im business, auf dem Wege zum Betrieb, in der Schule, auf dem Heimweg von Betrieb oder Schule u. a.
All employees who are not civil servants (workers, journeymen, trainees, salaried employees, foremen) and the persons specifically named in Section 539 of the Reich Insurance Code (RV0), e.g. B. home workers, but also pupils, children who attend kindergarten and others

Accident insurance carrier

The accident insurance providers are the employers' liability insurance associations. these are associations of companies in the same branch of industry. z. B. the construction trade association to which all construction companies belong.

Accident insurance contributions

Die Beiträge werden von den Unternehmen nach dem Pay-as-you-go system allein aufgebracht und richten sich nach der Gefahrenklasse, der die Arbeitnehmer in den Unternehmen unterliegen und nach der Jahreslohnsumme (bis zu einer Höchstgrenze je Beschäftigten). Die Unternehmen müssen jährlich die Zahl der Beschäftigten und deren Jahresverdienst melden.

The employers' liability insurance association is obliged to use all suitable means to prevent accidents. For this purpose, they issue accident prevention regulations. Safety officers must constantly ensure that the prescribed protective devices are in place.

Accident insurance benefits

The services consist of:

  • Medical treatment to restore the ability to work
  • Injury allowance for the economic protection of the injured person during the period of incapacity for work
  • Professional assistance, especially in those cases in which the injured person can no longer practice his previous profession
  • Injury pension (full pension equal to two thirds of annual earnings or partial pension)
  • Death benefit
  • Survivor's pension (widow's pension, widower's pension, orphan's pension)

The registration of the company with the responsible trade association within one week must contain the following information:

  • Object and type of company
  • the number of insured persons
  • the opening day of the company

In the event of an accident, an accident report signed by the company, the works council and the safety officer must be submitted within three days to:

  • the professional association
  • the trade inspectorate
  • the police department (if the injured person dies)
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