Acceptance credit

Der Akzeptkredit ist ein Bill credit. Er kommt zu Stande, indem der Kunde eines Kreditinstitutes einen Wechsel auf das Kreditinstitut zieht, das den Wechsel akzeptiert.
The customer has to provide the bill of exchange amount to the bank before the due date of the bill of exchange, usually as a credit in his current account. The bank will redeem the bill of exchange presented by the bill holder when it is due at the customer's expense.

Der Wechselkredit ist eine Loan loan, denn das Kreditinstitut stellt keine Geldmittel zur Verfügung, sondern nur seinen guten Namen. Damit wird der Wechsel besonders marktfähig. Weil das Kreditinstitut durch sein Akzept wechselrechtlich zum Hauptschuldner wird, gewährt es den Akzeptkredit nur Kunden erster Bonität.

There are three options for realizing the accepted bill of exchange:

  • It can be passed on to a supplier on account of payment
  • It can be presented to another bank for discounting
  • It can be discounted by the accepting bank itself

The cost of capital is relatively low. They include the acceptance commission (1.5 to 2.5 % pa) and the processing fees (approx. 0.5 % pa). In the case of discounting, the discount (amount) and the discount charges are added as additional capital costs. Interest does not accrue because funds are not made available.

The safeguarding of the acceptance credit lies particularly in the bill of exchange regulations that can be found in the Exchange Act (WG).

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