Abstract State Machine Language (AsmL)

What is Abstract State Machine Language (AsmL)?
Abstract State Machine Language (AsmL) is an executable specification language based on the Abstract State Machine (ASM) theory. Asml is used for systems modeling, analysis, simulation, and compliance testing.

AsmL is being developed by Microsoft's Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE) research team. It fully integrates with the .NET environment and Microsoft development tools, including Word and Visual Studio .NET.

Unlike a number of programming languages that have been specified for coding and testing, AsmL is designed to communicate project design. In addition, Asml can be used at any stage of development. Execution of the Asml specification enables model testing, functional interaction testing, design goal fulfillment, or unforeseen event planning.

AsmL is also used for system specification, which provides users with an ASM-based system image, a mathematical model of the evolving runtime state of the system.

Asml differs from traditional programs in that it provides minimal specifications that describe everything related to selected details. Asml makes it easy to describe the system state in terms of variables and operations that are useful to the user.

AsmL is available as a software modeling language in Tool Spec Explorer, a Visual Studio 2010 component. An open source implementation of Asml is available as Extensible Abstract State Machines (XASM) language.

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