ABAP objects

What are ABAP objects?
ABAP objects are the object-oriented enhancement that was introduced in 1999 in the original programming language ABAP (Advanced Business Application) and in the ABAP Workbench as of R / 3 Release 4.6.

This fully integrated extension extends ABAP with object-oriented functions for the design and implementation of object-oriented programs. Programs in ABAP may or may not contain ABAP objects at the discretion of the programmer.

With the introduction of ABAP Objects, SAP has significantly improved its ability to develop and develop large-scale applications. ABAP Objects was not developed as an add-on, but as a fully integrated addition to the ABAP language. Accordingly, SAP has introduced a new, enhanced virtual machine that can run both new applications that implement ABAP objects and older ABAP / 4 applications. Like other object-oriented programming languages, ABAP Objects provides full support for object functions, including encapsulation, polymorphism, and interfaces in a single inheritance model.

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