What is abandonware?
Abandonware refers to software that is purportedly still copyrighted but no longer endorsed or marketed. In many cases, the software can be designed for outdated systems or produced by companies that have ceased to exist. Abandonware is often copied and shared by people with no compensation paid to the copyright owners.

In most cases, abandonware copyright is either unclear, meaning the company has gone without a record or is not being actively defended. This means that people can copy the software at will with relatively little legal risk.
Beliebte Abandonware umfasst klassische Videospiele, die über Freeware-Emulatoren gespielt werden, sowie veraltete Computerspiele und -programme. Wenn eine Firma oder die verbleibende legal person freiwillig ihr Urheberrecht aufgibt, wird die Abandonware in die Public Domain überführt und von diesem Punkt an als Freeware bezeichnet.

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