AB testing (online marketing)

What is AB testing (online marketing)?
AB testing is an online marketing tactic that uses different versions of a product to see which users or consumers prefer. With online products such as a website, email campaign, or advertisement, A / B testing can be performed relatively easily and provides quick results due to the instant and detailed analysis that testers receive.

A / B tests are also known as split tests or bucket tests.

An A / B test is simply a way for companies to test how much a particular variable affects their audience's response.

For example, a company may find that the button color in an email newsletter has accidentally increased from red to green, significantly increasing the number of clicks. The company can then run a series of A / B tests on different colors by sending one color to half of the sample and one to the other. After each test, the company keeps the color that works well and tests it against the other colors that were good until the best color for buttons comes up.

Preferences change over time that complacency sets in, so our hypothetical company can repeat this test annually to make sure it sends out the most effective newsletter it can.

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