Aakash tablet

What is an Aakash tablet?
The Aakash tablet is an affordable computer with an ARM design that offers small build-up, USB ports, and video capabilities. This device uses the Android operating system but has access to the larger application market, not the Android market.

Der Aakash wurde von DataWind entworfen, um den globalen Studenten unterzubringen. Das Unternehmen hat Beziehungen zu Tausenden von Schulen und Universitäten initiiert, an denen dieses kleine Tablet Teil eines zukünftigen Lehrplans sein könnte. DataWind-Führungskräfte haben das Aakash-Tablet auch als ‚Anti-Armuts-Tool‘ bezeichnet, das revolutionieren kann, wie einkommensschwache Familien Zugang zu Cutting edge technology Receive.

With a view to marketing this new product, DataWind market leaders have stated that the Aakash tablet was not made to compete with the iPad or any other Apple product. Instead, it will have to compete with other low-cost devices, like the tablets from One Laptop Per Child, a group with a similar focus that offers low-cost devices to younger users. The appealing features of the Aakash device include a battery with a service life of three hours and a modern touchscreen interface.

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