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A 303 redirect is a response to an HTTP status code 303, also known as the “See Other” status code. Experts describe the specific redirect type in response to a request for a Unified Resource Identifier (URI) that identifies a real object. A 303 redirect can also be referred to as an HTTP 303.
Another way to explain 303 redirect is by indicating that a previous resource has been "replaced" within a domain or web setup. These situations can include Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts. CGI, largely superseded by other types of programming languages and methods, involves the sending of data between a server and an application. As the Internet became a more functional network, this technology has enabled many dynamic web functions.

Part of the basis for using 303 forwarding comes from a concept called the Semantic Web, which is supported by the World Wide Web Consortium. The Semantic Web helps develop a common standard for sharing data on the web.

An answer from 303 also has its own syntax; In a 303 redirect, the W3C indicates that a request for a different URI should use a GET method to access the desired destination. Experts also know that in some cases where browsers don't understand the 303 redirect, a 302 status code may be interchangeable.

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