Zombie trial

What is zombie trial?
A zombie process is a process in its completed state. This is usually done in a program with parent-child functions. After a child function finishes executing, it sends a completion status to its parent function. Until the parent function receives and acknowledges the message, the child function remains in a 'zombie' state, which means that it has been executed but not exited.

A zombie process is also known as a process that no longer exists.

A process in Unix or Unix-like operating systems becomes a zombie process when it finishes executing but one or some of its entries are still in the process table. When a process is terminated by an 'Exit' call, all of the memory allocated to it is allocated to a new process; In this way the system saves memory. However, the entry of the process in the process table remains until the higher-level process confirms its execution, after which it is removed. The time between execution and confirmation of the process is the amount of time the process is in a zombie state.

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