Zeus Trojan (Zbot)

What is Zeus Trojan (Zbot)?
The Zeus trojan is a type of trojan that infects Windows-based computers and steals banking and financial information. When it infects a computer, it looks for personal information such as email usernames and passwords, as well as online financial and banking information associated with the personal information. The data is then sent to remote servers and then collected by the hacker, who can then use the stolen information to commit financial fraud. The Zeus Trojan is also called Zbot.

The Zeus Trojan is used by hackers to steal information related to online banking. The stolen information is then sent to remote servers controlled by the hackers who then use it to log into victims' accounts in order to make them unauthorized (in this case, however, the system sees the transaction based on the correct one Credentials as authorized)) Money transfers to various hidden accounts and 'money mulis' to hide the electronic path and make it difficult for authorities to pinpoint exactly where the money went.

The Zeus Trojan was first identified in 2007 when it stole various pieces of information from the US Department of Transportation. According to estimates by security analysts, by 2009 it infiltrated more than 74,000 accounts, including banks and non-financial institutions such as Bank of America, Oracle, NASA and Amazon.

In 2010, the FBI arrested more than 100 conspirators believed to have spread the virus from the US, UK and Ukraine. The virus, which comes in a packaged installer with resources like remote server programs and instructions, is readily available to hackers and sells for $ 700-1500, but the source code was leaked in 2011 by now many other Zeus-based Trojans .

Es gibt weiterhin die üblichen Methoden zur Entfernung des Trojaners, beispielsweise die Verwendung eines ‚zuverlässigen‘ Anti-Spyware-Programms oder das manuelle Entfernen der ausführbaren Datei des Programms, die normalerweise in der Form ‚088709.exe‘ genannt wird.

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