Workforce planning

Definition of personnel deployment planning PEP

Personnel deployment planning (PEP) plans the optimal deployment of the employees of a retail company, taking into account fluctuations in turnover that can be recorded over time. The planned future sales and the personnel capacity required for this form the basis of the personnel deployment planning. In doing so, the employees must be fully utilized and shifts in sales peaks (e.g. due to movable fixed assets) must be taken into account.

Personnel deployment planning is the qualitative, quantitative and temporal anticipation of future personnel events with regard to the allocation of employees to positions or workplaces. The data from the workforce plan or the workforce requirement plan are used for this purpose. A distinction must be made within the framework of the establishment plan method:

qualitative workforce planning

Qualitative personnel deployment planning, which includes the comparison of requirement profiles and probable skill profiles of employees at the time of planning. The knowledge, skills and experience of the employees then given and then required are included in the planning.

quantitative workforce planning

The quantitative workforce planning consists in the comparison of the presumably existing workforce at the time of comparison with the then expected personnel requirement as the required number of positions. If the future workforce is greater than the future number of jobs, measures to adjust the workforce must be taken. If the expected number of jobs is greater than the number of employees, recruitment measures are required.

temporal workforce planning

The temporal workforce planning takes into account the start, intermediate and end dates of the deployment of the employees. These dates also provide information about the planning framework and expected absenteeism.

When setting up a shift schedule, it must be ensured that the shift personnel are appropriately qualified. In addition, irregularities in the workload as well as absence due to vacation, illness, etc. must be taken into account. Particular attention must be paid to the exact planning of the shift times. Errors in shift schedules can lead to sensitive disruptions in production.



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