Tasks of corporate IT

The tasks of corporate IT are:

The administrative tasks, ie data maintenance (e.g. of master data), processing, billing, accounting tasks and tasks of payment transactions. They are characterized by the amount of data to be processed, that is, mass data processing.

The information tasks, e.g. B. Tasks of information acquisition or information processing (e.g. selecting, saving) and tasks of providing information (e.g. via reports).

The planning tasks, e.g. B. the entire planning, but also the individual planning tasks in the technical area, z. B. drawings, parts lists, and commercial areas, e.g. B. Scheduling, personnel planning.

The disposition tasks, e.g. B. Tasks of material and production scheduling, supplier selection, order acceptance and customer service.

The control tasks, e.g. B. Comparing the actual values with the target values and determining the causes of the deviations, error check, credit check.

The control tasks, e.g. B. Production control, field service control, transport control, control of the data center.

The tasks of IT can also be divided according to the operational functions, e.g. B. in tasks of materials management, manufacturing management and marketing.

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