Degree - Bachelor in Social Sciences

In a social science bachelor's degree, you acquire the theoretical knowledge and research skills to make an impact in many areas of society.

What is a Bachelor in Social Sciences?

Bachelor degrees in social sciences typically cover a wide range of subjects, including social studies, geography, gerontology, anthropology, psychology, and history. Many programs require you to choose a concentration in one of these areas. In addition, you will often need to take courses that cover statistics and other research and analysis topics. This coursework will provide you with the skills necessary to study and deepen your knowledge of social issues.

You can earn both a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in social sciences, both of which take around three to four years. A BA usually requires more humanities and language courses, while a BS requires additional math and science courses.

Bachelor degrees in social sciences are hard to find in an online format. However, there are a few options for non-traditional schedules, including day and evening classes, hybrid classes, and online classes.

Which courses will I take?

Their introductory courses will usually give you a solid foundation in concepts of social organization. These include economics, politics, sociology, history, psychology, and geography. You will learn about the origins of Western civilization through an examination of the societies of the early Roman, Greek, and Middle Eastern societies. You will also learn about the social movements, economic factors and political influences that have shaped the country.

Geographic courses cover regions around the world. In this way, you can investigate how location and topography affect culture and society. Other courses combine these concepts to show you how to study and interpret civilization using anthropology.

In addition, many social science undergraduate programs require courses, such as Statistics, that teach you how to work with and interpret data. These research-based courses are often geared towards the social sciences. Usually psychology courses are also required.

What can I do with the degree?

When you get a bachelor's degree in social sciences, you can work in government agencies, non-profit organizations, human service organizations, and more. Some graduates complete further training, which often leads to research or teaching work. Politics, advocacy and legal professions are other common career paths for students with a social science degree.

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