Strategic gap

The strategic gap is the result of the comparison of the development line as a target formulated by the company management, e.g. B. as a target curve of the desired sales, with a second curve that expresses the expected sales trend of the basic business:

desired line of development

The values of the desired development line result from the ideas of the company management about the future required sales, with fictitious use of all potentials of the market.

In the case of the expected basic business, it is assumed that the course of sales for existing products over time will be replaced by a Product life cycle is writable.

If both curves are followed up to the planning horizon as part of a ten-year plan, the strategic gap can be identified.

Gap analysis

It forms the starting point for the gap analysis, that too Gap analysis (gap = gap, column) and with the help of which the causes of the gap are sought. The gap analysis covers the distance between the two boundaries of the gap.

By comparing the desired and the expected line, strategic planning measures can be derived, which are also called the main thrusts. The further the curves are apart, the more necessary a change in strategy, e.g. B. the attack on competing companies by a significant price cut. The strategic thrusts are components of a strategy draft.

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