SOR model

SOR model

The SOR model (Stimulus-Organism-Response-Model) is of fundamental importance for explaining human behavior. It is a black box model, because the human organism is shown as a black box that is not directly accessible.

Stimuli (S)

Humans receive stimuli (S) as impulses from their environment and show a reaction (R) that is dependent on information processing processes in their organism (0). The areas of application of the SOR model are diverse. You can z. B. refer to:

Organism (0)

On personnel management, in which an employee is promised a wage increase (S). His organism (0) processes this information and reacts (R) to it with more power.

Reaction (R)

On the marketing area, where the marketing policy instruments are to be seen as stimuli (S) that are processed by the organism (0) of the potential buyer and lead to a reaction (R) that can be a purchase or a non-purchase. With their use, cognitive dissonances can arise with the potential buyer.

S = marketing policy instruments

  • product
  • price
  • packaging
  • advertising
  • Personal sale

O = buyer

  • Motivational activation
  • Perceptual processes
  • Learning processes
  • personality
  • social environment

R = reaction

  • Preoccupation with product
  • Use of a product
  • Buying a product
  • Use of a service


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