Social law

Definition of social law

Social law is part of business law. The welfare state principle of the Basic Law forms the basis of the social mandate of our state. Social law includes:

Social code

The Social Security Code, which consists of the general part (SGB I since 1976), training grants (SGB II 2003), employment promotion and unemployment insurance (SGB III since 1998), common provisions on social insurance (SGB N since 1977), statutory health insurance (SGB V since 1989), statutory pension insurance (SGB VI since 1992), statutory accident insurance (SGB VII since 1997), child and youth welfare (SGB VIII since 1991), rehabilitation and the disabled (SGB IX since 2001), administrative procedures and social data protection (SGB X since 1981 ), Long-term care insurance (SGB XI since 1995). Further laws are provided for housing benefit, social assistance and child benefit.

social insurance

The social insurance, which is a compulsory statutory insurance with which a minimum insurance is guaranteed, which can be supplemented by voluntary supplementary pension:

Health insurance

Its sponsors are the local, company and guild health insurance funds, the seaside health insurance fund and the substitute insurance funds. Statutory health insurance funds are provided by the insured, employers, rehabilitation agencies and the state.

care insurance

Anyone who was subject to health insurance on 01/01/1995 is also subject to long-term care insurance. Services, benefits in kind and cash benefits are primarily available for home care. The legal basis is the Care Insurance Act (PflegeVG).

pension insurance

The law of the statutory pension insurance covers the insured events of occupational disability and old age, including benefits to survivors.

unemployment insurance

If an employee cannot prevent unemployment, he is entitled to unemployment benefit or unemployment assistance. The legal basis is the Employment Promotion Act (AFG).

Accident insurance

Their tasks include the prevention of accidents at work, compensation for the injured and their relatives after the accident has occurred. The employers' liability insurance association is responsible for this.

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