Common internet file system

What is Internet Shared File System?
Common Internet File System (CIFS) is a file sharing protocol that provides an open and cross-platform mechanism for requesting network server files and services. CIFS is based on the enhanced version of Microsoft's Server Message Block (SMB) protocol for Internet and intranet file sharing.

CIFS - an important file-sharing protocol due to its wide range of functions - contains extensions that are suitable for Internet authoring and file sharing. Typically used in workstation and server operating systems, CIFS was a native file sharing protocol in Windows 2000. CIFS is also used in embedded and appliance systems. Current storage products such as Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Access Server (NAS) are based on CIFS.

Supported CIFS protocol features include:

File Access: Supports basic file operations such as open, close, read, write and find.

File and Record Locking: Supports access to unlocked files and features like locking files and records.

Secure caching, read-ahead and write-behind: Facilitates caching, read-ahead and write-behind for secure files and also facilitates these operations for unsecured secure files.

File Change Notification: The server is notified when the contents of files or directories are changed.

Protocol Version Negotiation: CIFS has many versions and sub-versions known as dialects that are negotiated by network systems.
Extended Attributes: Supports adding non-file system attributes such as author name, content, and description.

Distributed replicated virtual volumes: Supports file system subtrees with multiple volumes and servers. Files and directories can be moved to other servers without changing the name. Sub-trees can be replicated for fault tolerance and load balancing.

Batch-Anforderungen: Erleichtert die Batch processing mehrerer Anforderungen als einzelne Nachrichten, um Umlaufzeiten zu reduzieren. Nachrichten werden in Verbindungsaufbaunachrichten, Namensraum- und Dateimanipulationsnachrichten, Druckernachrichten und verschiedene Nachrichten klassifiziert.

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