Secondary survey

The secondary survey is a market research survey that makes use of existing information material that may have been collected for other purposes. It should be at the beginning of market research, as it is inexpensive and can be done in a short time. A subsequent primary survey can be made easier, sometimes even completely unnecessary.

Secondary information material

Secondary information material may be available within the company, e.g. B. in marketing or accounting, or it has to be procured from outside the company. Accordingly, a distinction can be made between:

Internal material

  • statistics
  • Field service reports
  • Complaints
  • Customer files
  • Prospect lists
  • Calculations

External material

  • State publications
  • IHI publications
  • Reference books
  • Trade journals
  • Yearbooks
  • statistics

If there is a need for information, it is advisable to first check whether it can be covered by evaluating internal sources before resorting to information material to be obtained externally. When using secondary information material, it should be noted that the information may

- do not (exactly) correspond to the problem
- are past-oriented or out of date
- are also available to the competition

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