VAT account

Bei einem Umsatzsteuerkonto handelt es sich um ein passives Inventory account, welches die enthaltene Umsatzsteuer der Ausgangsrechnungen eines Unternehmens verbucht und damit eine Verbindlichkeit gegenüber dem Finanzamt darstellt.

Definition / explanation

The sales tax contained in a company's outgoing invoices is posted to a sales tax account. It is a passive inventory account that shows the liabilities for the tax office. Often this account is split into further sub-accounts, whereby product groups, different tax rates and branches can be listed separately.

In particular, the input tax sub-account (see Input tax account) is an important part. Companies post the value added taxpayable to other service providers. The input tax account is processed via the sales tax account. In this way, the real VAT amount is automatically calculated.


  • Sales tax account is a passive inventory account
  • Input tax account ist immer ein Bestandteil des Umsatzsteuerkontos
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