Requirements analysis

The requirements analysis is a procedure with which the requirements are determined which an employee should meet for a specific job or for a specific task.
In doing so, it is not only ascertained which requirements the workplace or work task entails, but also the degree to which these requirements have to be met. In order to be able to determine the suitability of an employee with regard to the workplace or the work task, it is useful to create two profiles:

The requirement profile of a job or a position that results from the future work content. They can be determined with the help of examinations and observations.

The skills profile of the employee, which is established as part of a qualification analysis. Its determination serve z. B. Aptitude tests and staff appraisals.

Durch den Vergleich des Anforderungsprofils mit dem Fähigkeitsprofil eines Arbeitnehmers können im Rahmen der Workforce planning Maßnahmen ausgelöst werden, z. B. Personalentwicklung / Versetzung. Er legt offen:

  • Qualitative underfunding as a suitability deficit
  • Qualitative coverage as excess of suitability
  • Qualitative coverage as suitability
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