Project initiation

The start of a project = the project initiation

The course of a project begins with the project initiation, which should not happen randomly, but must be carefully planned in order to keep the project costs to a minimum. It comprises the following steps:

Problem detection

the Problem detection, which is the starting point of a project. The deviation between a desired target state and the actual state to be found can be seen as a problem. The desired organizational target is shaped by both objective and subjective characteristics. Therefore, problem identification is of particular importance. Striving for objectivity should be in the foreground.

Problem analysis

the Problem analysis, with which the main characteristics of a problem are determined. This can be done systematically using a Weak point analysis being found. In practice, key figures and checklists are used. The problem analysis includes:

- Investigate the problem
- Establishing the importance of the problem
- Identify the causes of the problem
- Elaboration of approaches to problem solving

Project definition

the Project definitionwhich builds on the results of problem identification and problem analysis. The task of project management is to systematically track down deviations in order to reveal weak points in this way. With it, the concrete project tasks and the project goals are determined.

Project initiation is followed by project planning, project implementation, project control and the Project management.

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