Production control

The production control is the monitoring and investigation of the production execution. It is also called production control and has the following tasks in particular:


The feedback that is given by the foreman, foreman or workshop clerk as feedback on the status of production. It can also come from quality control.

Quality control

The quality control, in which it is checked whether the products meet the required quality requirements. So z. B. mechanical (strength values), electrical (resistance), chemical (composition) and sensory (odor) properties of the products are tested.

The quantity control, which is a quantity control. The actual number of pieces of a product is compared with the planned number of pieces. Deviations are subjected to a thorough analysis.

Time control

The time control that z. B. takes a close look at the time recordings or default times. The default times can become out of date after a certain period of time so that they have to be checked. Above all, compliance with the interim deadlines and the final production deadlines must be monitored on an ongoing basis.

Cost control

Die Kostenkontrolle, die vor allem für auftragsbezogen gefertigte Erzeugnisse durchzuführen ist. Dabei werden den ermittelten Soll-Herstellungskosten im Rahmen der Post calculation the actual production costs compared.

Control standards can be set by the manufacturing company and / or its customers. Production control is increasingly carried out with the help of IT.

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