Product planning

What is product planning?

Product planning includes the definition and description of the characteristics of a product that is included in the company's production program. It is to be assigned to the production planning and relates to:

Product described graphically

The drawing with which the product is graphically described. So that every knowledgeable observer can obtain the same information from the drawing, its creation is subject to strict standards. It is associated with a lot of work. Manual drawings, table drawings and plotter drawings can be distinguished.

Directory of raw materials

The parts list, which represents the list of raw materials, parts (e.g. part number, part description) and assemblies of a product with details of various data. It can be a modular BOM, a quantity BOM, a structural BOM and the variant BOM.

Proof of use

The proof of use that documents the synthetic product breakdown. It is determined in which products the individual components are contained. A distinction must be made between building block where-used lists, structural where-used lists and volume-where-used lists.

Numbering as encryption

Numbering as the encryption of data with the task of subjecting objects that belong together according to a uniform principle of order. It can be used for identification, classification and information. The product planning can also be a plan that specifies which products are to be included in the service program. In this form she is the Marketing planning attributable.

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