Product placement

Definition of product placement

Product placement is an instrument of Communication policy. It aims to integrate products and / or services into media programs in an effective manner, e.g. B. in cinema, video and television programs. Products are presented in the media without the advertising being or should be immediately recognizable, e.g. B. by the main actor in an entertaining television film driving a BMW.

The product placement draws attention to products. The image of the role or the actor can lead to an image transfer for the product. The more the viewer is involved, the higher the advertising impact.

Product placement can take several forms:

Generic placemes

as Generic placementin which a type of goods used (e.g. drinks, cigarettes) is in the foreground, but the brand of the goods is not recognizable.

Image placement or creative placemen

as Image placement or creative placementwhere the entire theme of the film is tailored to a specific product or brand, e.g. B. VW Beetle or Coca-Cola.

Innovation placement

as Innovation placementin which an innovation is to be made available to a large group of people, e.g. B. Philips products in James Bond films.

The fees to be paid by the companies for the product placement are sometimes considerable.

Surreptitious advertising is to be distinguished from product placement. With her, the advertising effect is not bought, but by fraudulently, z. B. if editorial parts of a newspaper or magazine also contain advertising messages or are influenced by advertising.

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