Human resource management

Personnel administration handles the administrative, routine tasks of the personnel department, from personnel access to personnel changes to personnel departures. Statutory and collective bargaining agreements, company agreements and the employment contracts of the employees must be observed. Its main goals are transparency, timeliness, freedom from errors, expressiveness and economic efficiency.

Human resources management tasks

  1. Information, e.g. B. from the personnel file about individual employees, groups or the entire staff. The provision must be made at short notice and with current data. Personal information systems provide valuable services.
  2. Processing, e.g. B. Hiring, transferring, promoting, changing and leaving. They are to be carried out by the personnel administration in all of their administrative requirements.
  3. Billing, e.g. B. Loans, allowances for meals, travel expenses, private phone calls, factory sales. Personnel administration has to record the data and arrange for it to be processed for accounting purposes.
  4. Message, e.g. B. Employment office notifications, proof of wages for the employers' liability insurance association, IHK notifications, wage tax notifications, remuneration statements to the social insurance companies.
  5. Monitoring, e.g. B. Control of fluctuation, sick leave, overtime and vacation utilization, recording of working hours with flexitime.
  6. Protection of personnel, e.g. B. as occupational safety and the data, z. B. as data protection, the regulations of which result from the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).
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